CHEMISTRYChemical Reactions Video: Avogadro's Kitchen


Title: Chemical Reactions Video: Avogadro's Kitchen
Description: Go back in time with the Untamed Science team as they explore how Avogadro's number can help solve for an unknown quantity in a recipe.
Standard: 112.35.8.E | Science concepts. perform stoichiometric calculations, including determination of mass relationships between reactants and products, calculation of limiting reagents, and percent yield
Source: Pearson Grade: 9-12 Library: Texas Chemistry Content Category: Presentation Learning Model: Engage/Explore
Topic/Subtopic: Texas Chemistry\Chemical Reactions\Stoichiometry
Keywords: Presentations, Videos, mole, molar mass, Avogadro's number


5E Phase: Engage/Explore
TEKS: Chemistry 8E
Audience: Students